A ghostwriter writing an academic article is not liable to prosecution as long as he or she does not assert that he or she has authored work that is being submitted for another person for evaluation at a university. For the client, problems can, however, result when he openly claims that a work he has not authored independently is in fact his own. However, the study and examination regulations of individual universities and faculties differ significantly in the handling of this problem. If the university only requires a written assurance of independent work, the false statement cannot be prosecuted. A false statement made under oath can, however, lead to criminal penalties.

Under a ruling by the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt, in a judgment of 9/1/2009 – Az.: 11 U 51/08, ghostwriting jobs are not to be punished, as long as the ghostwriter has dispensed authorship. Upon payment of the previously agreed fee, individuals acquire the temporally and spatially limited rights of use of the work provided. When hiring our agency to work on your thesis, legally speaking this is not punishable under the law. We explicitly deliver you a ghostwriting dissertation which should be seen as a model and example, and we have no knowledge of whether you submit this work as the result of your own efforts to a university.

The legal situation in Germany, Austria and Switzerland clearly demonstrates and supports the fact that academic ghostwriting is a service like any other and has no legal consequences for the ghostwriter. There are only consequences for the client if the ghostwriting is detected, or revealed. Unlike a case of plagiarism, which is the incorrect labeling of others’ ideas or the deliberate assumption of passages authored by others without citing them, a professionally written work that has been completed with the active help of ghostwriters cannot be detected. We work exclusively with professional and experienced writers together who complete your assignment with the required discretion and are sworn to secrecy. Remember, both you and the ghostwriter remain anonymous during the entire time the assignment is being worked on. If desired, you can avoid direct communication with the authors and can communicate all questions and suggestions to the ghostwriter through our agency.