Upon request, our writers can complete a dissertation on a given topic for you. This is the most common form of application in our agency. Several steps are necessary for the writing of a complete work, all of which are included in the price, which has been individually calculated and tailored to your needs. These include in particular:

As for how the cooperative partnership between you and our authors is structured – this depends on your own vision and ideas. It is possible, of course, for our ghostwriter to simply assume the responsibility of correcting single chapters that you have already draft, or to write only part of the work. Many of our customers have problems with certain parts of the work or simply lack the time to get the work done due to family or professional circumstances. No matter what phase of the work process you are in, our experienced writers can assist you.
Given that most of our ghostwriters are already PhDs themselves and have many years of experience in dealing with academic texts, we can help you with all matters relating to the achievement of your own doctorate. This not only includes the content development of a subject or the collection and analysis of data, but also in particular the correct rendering of both externally sourced and your own individual ideas. Each job is processed by our authors, entirely according to your wishes. We strictly do not tolerate plagiarism and avoid it by checking every text before delivery by using plagiarism software. In addition, each text is read by one of our staff (four-eye principle) and reviewed for formal and conceptual weaknesses. After the prominent plagiarism scandals in the last years, the formal requirements for writing dissertations have been tightened. Many universities and professors check filed dissertations using special software for plagiarism and place the greatest value on compliance with the prescribed citation and literature precedents. Many of our customers tend to underestimate the seriousness of this point, as very little time is spent conveying the basics of academic writing in most universities. In addition, a personal consultation or supervision cannot be taken for granted in many places where the professor will frequently leave you alone to wrestle with your own problems and questions. At the same time, a dissertation is much more complex and of course more comprehensive than other academic theses. Many customers fail to spend the necessary time on the task that have to get done, which may lead to an sloppy citation methods that may even be considered in the worst of cases as an attempt at plagiarism.

Our professional writers know exactly what is important when writing a thesis and will help you when writing or revising your text. Many of our customers are overwhelmed with the writing of a doctoral thesis due to professional, family or other reasons and simply need concrete and timely assistance. As a rule, this support cannot be provided by universities or the supervisor. Our writers can help with technical and stylistic questions, examine chapters already written, correct, improve or provide texts to which you can refer to improve your work.
The use of a ghostwriter is particularly useful if your own circumstances do not allow you to intensively deal with the work. An experienced writer can – because he is able to explore and work on the subject on a full-time basis – write a quality academic work within a few months, or even weeks. This ensures that you always receive a text that meets the highest academic standards and guarantees no plagiarism.