After the writing process, a step follows which many graduate students underestimate and which experience has shown can create very significant problems. In order to submit a work to the faculty in bound or printed form, it must not only be properly prepared in terms of content, but also formally. In addition to spelling and grammar, formalities also include the proper use of the prescribed layouts. These include the font size, the line and page spacing and the proper formatting of page breaks and foot or endnotes.

Adherence to these guidelines and the professional formatting work has a bearing on final grades. Errors in this area are particularly annoying because they are preventable. Professional support not only has the ability to save time and effort, but can also improve the overall impression made by your work.

For inexperienced writers, formatting proves extremely time consuming and tiring. Very few graduate students have the necessary knowledge in relevant word processing programs to take on this very small-scale and costly task. In addition, at the end of the writing process, most students usually have little time to tend to these tasks since final research is still being conducted or other requirements for exams have to be fulfilled.

We have years of experience in the design of academic assignments and can format your work promptly, professionally and at a fair price. We are also pleased to assume the design and integration of figures, graphs and tables.

The conclusion of the dissertation writing process is the publication of the work. This can be done either in the classic format of a printed monograph or in electronic form. No matter which form of publication you choose, here, too, you must provide a properly formatted work to the publisher or the publishing platform. When publishing dissertations, many publishers also require that you set the project yourself. Of course we are happy to help in this case, too.