One of our core principles is that we will give you the opportunity to work personally with your author. You can clarify all your open questions and discuss the details of the work with the ghostwriter at any time, by email or phone. In order to ensure that the returned work corresponds your prospects, you should give the ghostwriter as much input as possible. This not only includes content-related information, but also formal and stylistic requirements that must be complied with. Our professional writers can implement all linguistic, content-related and formal requirements and thus ensure that you receive a text that corresponds to the highest academic requirements.

Regular feedback sessions with your author ensure that the work is customized to your liking and that your ideas are included.

During the writing process, you always have the option of communicating directly with the author. However, just how closely you want to collaborate with the ghostwriter is entirely up to you. Not all of our clients consider it important to periodically check on the progress of the work, but simply leave the entire writing process to our authors. Others have very specific content and language requirements and therefore place great value in close cooperation. But even if you have little time to follow the progress of the work or only have vague ideas when it comes to content, our authors will still be able to write a professional academic work.

Of course, both you and our authors have the option to remain anonymous. Your data will be handled by our agency in a strictly confidential manner, of course. We only ever store your data until the work is competed and has been sent to you via a secure data connection. Our authors are also sworn to secrecy and are required to work with the necessary professionalism and discretion.