The doctorate is one of the highest academic degrees that can be achieved. It is a prerequisite for a career in academia, science and research. In many countries, this title is also the precondition for the achieving leadership positions in politics and business. However, writing a dissertation requires intensive work on an academic topic over the course of many years. Unlike a bachelor’s or master’s thesis, a doctoral dissertation requires demonstrating independent research capabilities. This may vary by department and is conducted in a variety of ways, either through the empirical or experimental collection and analysis of data, or in the field of humanities through the analysis and interpretation of texts from different theoretical perspectives.

The main criterion for a doctoral thesis is the achievement of new insights that in turn represent a contribution to research in the respective fields. Besides demonstrating your own research capabilities, a dissertation must also address and evaluate the existing research literature. On this basis, you should then be able to develop your own project. In addition to evaluating the literature in the subject, this also includes the analysis of relevant theories for writing a dissertation and the possible development of it. The academic requirements for writing a dissertation are significantly higher than those for writing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis.

However, you usually have a much longer period of time for writing a dissertation, or can determine this yourself. It can often take years to put together a dissertation, since a great deal of detailed research is required, and depending on the department, can entail varying degrees of work.
In terms of content and structure, a thesis is usually supervised by a professor who discusses the subject, the structure and approach with the doctoral candidates. Since many professors today often have little time for the personal supervision of students anymore, it can make good sense to hire a ghostwriter. This individual can provide intensive technical advice, and assist with formal issues (e.g. citations).