The dissertation represents the pinnacle in academic writing and requires years of intensive study of a topic. Since the doctorate is still regarded as a career accelerator and provides access to a number of prestigious professional fields, the number of doctoral students in Germany has been growing steadily. Whoever wants to work in academia or research simply has to obtain a doctorate. In other fields, the PhD provides an additional qualification in order to be considered for leadership positions. Therefore, many people who are already working take the efforts of completing a dissertation upon themselves and try to write a doctoral thesis while holding down their regular jobs. Since the working world is becoming ever more fast-paced these days, years of the double burden of work and achieving a doctorate prove extremely difficult. Many customers therefore rely on the support of professional service providers that either offer suportive ghostwritten texts or create a complete template to follow.

Our agency offers a wide range of services encompassing all aspects of academic ghostwriting. In addition to creating a complete dissertation, we also offer assistance in search for a suitable theme, aid in working out the conception of your work, assist in the evaluation and collection of empirical data and assume the editing and formatting of the work. We not only have the ability to support in the conception and development of the work, but can also intervene in tackling concrete problems during the writing process. Often it is professional, health or family crises that cause customers to hire a ghostwriter. Sometimes it is simply a lack of the time to become intensively familiar in a field of research. In these cases, it is advisable to take on professional help. You not only save time and effort, but also ensure that you get a formal, impeccable academic work that meets the highest requirements.

In many cases, our customers encounter technical problems. They are often not sufficiently familiar with the basics of academic writing or have difficulties dealing with complex theoretical issues. Especially at the beginning of a work, many doctoral students are overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of the subject of the research and are often left to fend for themselves by the supervisor. We can fill this gap because our writers are very experienced, work in a professional way and are committed to working with the utmost discretion. We rely on the closest possible personal collaboration between customers and authors, and ensure a smooth and effective communication between the two sides. Your ghostwriter can provide important tips for writing the work, help with very specific problems and to organize your dissertation efficiently. Good time management is as important to a PhD project as the organization of the literature and data used. The complexity of a doctoral thesis, which mainly includes years of research, means that you must organize and manage vast amounts of text, data and information. In order to ensure that you always have a good overview of the entire process, you can use our authors to help in the management of this material and thus lay the foundation for a successful graduation.
We will be happy to create templates for you to which you can refer or guide yourself on specific content-related issues. Our ghostwriters are always willing to engage in a close personal cooperation, whereby both sides, of course, can remain anonymous.

You can also use our editing service, which checks your work for stylistic, thematic and formal errors. In so doing, not only linguistic smoothing of rough edges is achieved, but our editors also point out areas that are weak in the content, such as an inconsistent argument or an illogical division. With us, editing of course includes examining the footnote and reference structure, as well as the bibliography. We pay particular attention to whether the resources used were also correctly referred to and quoted.