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If you decide to order services from us or require partial services for a thesis, you will be supervised exclusively by ghostwriters that are university graduates. We only work with highly qualified writers who are working or have been employed in the academic field and therefore know exactly what is important when writing a dissertation. Through our quality assurance (including a plagiarism check and four-eye principle), we ensure that all work meets the highest academic standards. Unlike cases of plagiarism, in ghostwriting, texts are individually tailored to order and according to customer requirements. Upon completion, the ghostwriter rescinds his rights as an author and transfers them to the client. Unlike cases of plagiarism, no ideas of other authors are used.

Indidvidual Offers for all Customers

Ghostwriters can either write complete dissertations or take on various, partial services. This includes the writing of individual text parts, editing, proofreading, the collection of empirical data, the writing of a concept or the creation of a source and bibliography.

Writing a Dissertation is a Challenge

The requirements for a dissertation are much more stringent than those for a bachelor's or master's thesis. In order to graduate, you must prove that you are able to produce academic work independently. Therefore, the doctoral thesis is the development of a research field and should lead to new academic findings for the chosen theme. It is expected that the work offers a clear advance in knowledge and that one's own thoughts and insights are able to be clearly distinguished from previous research. Simultaneously, the latest state of research should be reflected and one's own research activities integrated therein. Achieving the doctorate is a major challenge, not only intellectually but also with respect to the scope and amount of work required. Depending on the field, this may range from 100 to 500 pages.
The time for completion of the work is between two and five years, and is often carried out as part of a scholarship (stipend) or a job at a university or academic institution. However, this merely represents the ideal situation for a doctoral project. Many graduate students have other full or part-time commitments and therefore have very limited time to deal with writing their doctorate. These so-called external PhD students are not integrated into the academic community and generally receive much less intensive supervision by the supervisor than students who attain their doctorates within the faculty. Our ghostwriters cannot only write complete research theses, but of course can also help if you have problems with other elements of work. We thus close the gap resulting from the lack of or insufficient supervision by the university and can help overcome certain types of writer's block or to clarify specific questions. We definitely guarantee a competent, personal and timely service and you will not be "put off" by rote replies or the like.

Benefit from the Support of our experienced Team of Professionals

The advantage of using a ghostwriter is obvious. Our writers are professionals and can devote full-time efforts to writing your dissertation. Since we have a very large pool of writers, we can ensure that we find a suitable ghostwriter for each subject area who is very well versed in the topic and has even already researched it. Unlike many agencies that advertise with dumping prices, we work exclusively with academically trained writers. Experienced authors can also very quickly create a high-quality academic text and do not require extensive training. A ghostwriter will guarantee professional results, relieve you of time pressures and is efficient and discreet.

The 6 quality criteria

Academic Qualification
When selecting our ghostwriters and academics we pay attention to the fact that these persons can have at least one university degree with a predicate transcripts and many years of experience in the writing of scientific papers. Every ghostwriter is an expert in his discipline and academic performance is regularly analyzed by us.
Communication and transparency
To ensure a high level of quality, it is essential to enter into a regular dialogue between you and your ghostwriter. It is important to us that you as a customer always have the opportunity to talk to the ghostwriter. We also have cost transparency. There are no additional costs without your consent!
To ensure you are always convinced by the quality and quality of your work, you will receive regular intermediate deliveries, which you discuss with your ghostwriter. Change requests and feedback are automatically taken into account and implemented.
Each dissertation we have prepared is an academic unique and is analyzed by plagiarism software. We will send you the test report with your final paper.
Your dissertation will be read by an independent supervisor. Already at the beginning of the processing, the supervisor receives the intermediate delivery and always gives your ghostwriter content-related feedback.
Privacy and discretion
We protect your privacy and any collaboration between you and the academic is treated absolutely discreetly. Your data and information will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

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