We can write a full dissertation for you on almost any topic. Most of our experienced and professional writers already have a doctorate themselves along with years of experience in the field of academic ghostwriting. Before our writers start working, you should discuss the topic and the question with your supervisor and clarify any necessary formalities (formal design, citation requirements, listing literature and sources). If necessary, we will support you in finding and formulating an appropriate topic, but in so doing, this should always be done in close consultation with the supervising professor.

Once these issues have been resolved, the ghostwriter can begin to work.

Before the ghostwriter begins with the actual writing process, he will research relevant sources and create a preliminary outline, either alone or in consultation with you. Again, it is recommended that the outline and provisional bibliography be agreed upon with the supervisor.

You can always communicate with the author to give him feedback or express your wishes and ideas during the writing process. Of course, it is also possible that our authors will create a complete work without your participation. Through regular partial deliveries, you will have the opportunity to follow the progress of the work process and also intervene.
Depending on the subject areas, doctoral dissertations do require proof of independent research performance. This can be done either by empirical data collection, analysis of texts or through conducting experiments. Of course, our writers can help you here as well, either by collecting data themselves or by helping you with the interpretation and analysis of the same.
Another step that is often underestimated by many doctoral students is the formal design of the work. It must be ensured from the outset that external ideas are reproduced accurately (direct and indirect quotations) and the references are cited in a uniform manner. Furthermore, of course, this includes that the text is free of orthographic errors and employs the correct format specifications (font size, line breaks, paragraphs, etc.). We can naturally perform these tasks for you as well.