For a variety of reasons, it can prove useful to secure professional support for the writing of a dissertation. In addition to personal, professional or health crises, it is often the double burden of work and graduation that leads our customers to inquire about working with us. The complexity of a doctoral project is not only an intellectual challenge but also requires good time and labor management. Moreover, universities today are putting less and less emphasis on the personal stewardship of academic assignments, with the result that when it comes to the mainstream subjects, there is hardly a personal connection between professor and student anymore. The lack of personal supervision is pervasive throughout the systems of large modern universities and means that undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students are left to fend for themselves when it comes to answering their problems and questions. At the same time, due to the many cases of plagiarism in recent years, the requirements for dissertations in universities have become significantly more stringent. Many universities now pay extremely close attention to compliance with the formal requirements, i.e. faulty or sloppy academic work can not only diminish the overall impression of your work, but may also lead to a plagiarism check, which in turn can have far-reaching consequences.

Our authors are professional writers who are working or have already worked in the academic field and have at least a college degree. The ghostwriter thus knows exactly what makes a good academic work and understands the importance of formal and academic accuracy. Therefore, we can guarantee that you will only get texts back from us that are properly structured in terms of form and content and meet the highest academic standards. Of course you’ll never receive any plagiarized work from us, but a text that was written individually by our authors according to your wishes and ideas. Before each delivery, the text is reviewed by one of our co-workers. Additionally every text is run through an automatic plagiarism check. We ensure that you are satisfied with the final product.

Thanks to their long experience, our authors recognize textual weaknesses quickly and are able to get familiar with compley issues very fast. We can also help you with very urgent questions or jobs. Our authors are capable of delivering academically based texts within a few weeks.

Given the fact that close cooperation between our customers and authors is important, you can learn a great deal about authoring academic texts from our experienced ghostwriters. Whether you need advice, have any questions about very specific problems, or even are only at the very beginning of your work. The range of our services covers all aspects of academic work. The advantage of a ghostwriter is that you can discuss basic questions and fundamental academic working techniques with the author. Experience has shown that a professor’s supervision mainly consists of discussing specific content-related issues with you or helping you understand more about your topic in the larger research context. Questions with respect to the methods underpinning academic work or how to organize the work process most effectively are hardly discussed at all with your supervisor. Many customers have also had only sporadic contact with their supervisor and usually feel inadequately supervised. Our professional writers can fill this gap and are always available to answer questions, either by phone or email.

Hiring a ghostwriter can also be useful if you have difficulties expressing yourself adequately in writing. In this instance, a professional writer can help you to improve your own text by stylistically smoothing out rough edges and to bringing it up to a higher linguistic level. Thus, not only the overall impression of your work is improved, but the text as a whole becomes much more readable and comprehensible.

Professional help is also advantageous in situations of crisis, whether it be due to illness, a family crisis, or even in the a case of writer’s block. The reasons for getting a ghostwriter involved are various. Sometimes our authors can help with just a few hints and tips, especially when it comes to a writer’s block. Dealing with one specific topic for a very long period of time frequently results in the losing sight of the concrete subject and getting distracted by too many separate ideas. Since at some point it does occur that one is not able to step back and view one’s own work from certain distance, even quite obvious errors in the construction or argumentation can remain unrecognized. In such cases, it is advisable to take on professional help.