For the writing of a dissertation, a considerably higher price is required than for writing smaller-scale academic theses (bachelor or master’s theses). This is partly due to the much larger scope of a dissertation (between 100 to 500 pages) and to the higher academic level of such work. Unlike a bachelor’s or master’s thesis, a doctoral thesis must demonstrate that the writer is capable of working independently on an academic topic and making a valuable contribution to the current research status. Typically, that means an independent research service is provided. This is underpinned and verified by the collection of data or material in the humanities and by analyzing previously published literature. Depending on the department, most doctoral students can take a number of years to work on and complete a doctoral thesis. However, many doctoral students are employed full-time and need to achieve a PhD for their professional advancement, although they do not plan an academic career. Therefore, the time for writing a thesis can also be shortened if the selected topic presupposes a less extensive amopunt of research time. Nevertheless, the writing of a dissertation remains a complex and difficult affair.

Individual pricing depending on your needs

There are no fixed prices for the writing of a dissertation, as the theses can differ to a great degree by the field of study and the customer. Moreover, the prices vary considerably depending on the agency, which is particularly due to the different qualifications of ghostwriters. At our agency, ghostwriting orders for writing dissertations are taken exclusively by PhD authors who have several years of experience as a ghostwriter in the specific academic field. Unlike many other agencies, we work exclusively with authors who have been or are actively working in the specific academic field. Our ghostwriters have even taught, researched and published in the academic field, and are therefore very familiar with the requirements of academic work. Of course, these authors require a higher fee than student ghostwriters or non-doctorate authors.

Therefore, our prices for writing a dissertation will usually be somewhat higher than those of other ghostwriting agencies. The plagiarism check and internal proofreading through our agency (two-eye principle) are included in the price. In this way it is ensured that you get a final product that is sufficient in terms of structure and content and meets the highest academic standards

Pricing factors can vary

The prices for a thesis are not only determined by the qualifications of the authors, but also by the amount of work (number of pages), the required academic level and of course the time frame you set as a customer. By working with professional writers, it is also possible to complete a doctorate in a relatively short period of time. If the work needs to be written within a few weeks or months, the price will be higher, because the author has to work on a tight deadline. Conversely, if the author has a longer period of time to complete the job, this will have a positive impact on the total price of the work.

Another important factor for the pricing is the amount of research required for the work. In general, demonstrating original, independent research is necessary for obtaining a doctorate. This may mean that you need to collect and analyze empirical evidence or analyze already published texts by applying relevant theories. The collection and analysis of empirical data is very time consuming and labor intensive. The same is true for the theory-based analysis of texts and sources. Our authors are familiar with the process data collection and analysis in a variety of disciplines and can gladly take over these steps for you. Of course, this increases our authors’ workload, which in turn is reflected in the final price. The more material you can provide for the author, the less research will be required. This has a positive effect on the final price. A higher fee is also required if the work is to be written in another language (e.g., German) or most of the literature has been published in another language.

Included proofreading and plagiarism check

Of course the type of cooperation with the ghostwriter you choose is also a relevant price factor. Some customers have highly detailed ideas and materials and want to work closely with their ghostwriter. Other customers are not able to write their thesis by themselves due to professional or personal reasons and therefore choose to allocate the entire work to our authors. No matter what kind of cooperation you choose, we guarantee you a close and personal collaboration with your ghostwriter. You can reach your writers personally via email or phone and both sides can remain anonymous, of course.

Due to these varying factors, we calculate prices for each assignment on a tailored, individual basis. Since each dissertation represents a unique academic effort and every university has its own requirements when it comes to writing a doctoral thesis, each order is calculated and planned individually. The above-mentioned factors are decisive when making the calculation, as well as your personal wishes and ideas. We will be happy to provide you with a quick, free and non-binding offer for your dissertation and advise you about the different opportunities of working with us. Whether you are planning to have your dissertation written entirely by one of our authors or you just need help wrtiting single chapters, the options for cooperating with us are diverse.

We are more than happy to assist you with a wide variety of tasks. This ranges from the choice of subjects in the literature search to the full editing of the work whatever you need, we are happy to help. We have just the right writer for you who can help you at any time when tackling a variety of tasks and topics.


The payment for the thesis is tied to partial deliveries, which we schedule in consultation with you. These partial deliveries give you the opportunity to follow the work progress and make it possible for you to give the author feedback. At the same time, this ensures that the work is written according to your wishes.
You do have the option of paying in installments, which we gladly coordinate with you in a personal conversation. The important thing to remember is that the price of your dissertation is calculated individually. Get in touch with us today and, we will send you a non-obligatory personalized quote right away!